Monday, May 17, 2004

The Issues At Hand

A) After moving all of my junk this weekend, I have decided that it will take at least a couple of years for me to forget the pain and agony of doing such enough to attempt to do so again. Thankfully I had some really great help! (amongst others)

B) Even his wife calls him MattGrace.

C) And The Most Urgent Issue At Hand
I leave in TWO DAYS for my mission trip to Northern Ireland! I have all of my packing yet to do, but I'm not that stressed. Well, except for one thing-- I want to limit the CDs I take to about 10 (10 CD works so that a 2 disc set still counts as 1). I want a mix of chill, rejuvenating and energizing. Help me please!

Here are my definites:
  • Over the Rhine- Ohio; no explanation needed

  • 100 Portraits- Five Wise Virgins; this CD is all about love and mercy and being the bride of Christ- It's amazing

  • Kalgren-- the EP I have of them unless I get the full CD in the mail before I leave; Just because I don't think I could go that long without listening to my dear friend, Christopher. Oh, and they rock. Check 'em out-- seriously

  • Will Hoge- Blackbird on a Lonely Wire; This was originally on the "possibles" list, but then I realized that it's too energetic not to take

  • Here are the others from which to choose:
  • John Rutter- Requiem; this work is amazing, very relaxing and spiritually rejuvenating

  • Patty Griffin- Impossible Dream; I just got this and am still breaking it in

  • OR Patty Griffin- Flaming Red; This CD is so amazing and can be listened to for energy or relaxation

  • Fleming and John- The Way We Are; I'm still breaking this one in too, but Ugly Girl makes me laugh so stinking much

  • Fleming and John- Delusions of Grandeur; a charged work that can be used to provide much energy

  • East Mountain South- Self Titled; Spiritually revitalizing and very chill.

  • Matthew Ryan- Regret Over the Wires; Dark, brooding and thoughtful

  • MadHatters- No Jacket Required; These are my a cappella guys and it's just fun, but I don't know if I'd listen to it that much

  • Ryan Adams- Love is Hell 1&2; Now available on 1 CD, I actually have the 2 EPs. It's very chill and I listen to it to fall asleep a lot

  • I'm sure there are others and I'll be updating this list as they come to mind. Suggestions are definitely accepted, too.