Tuesday, July 19, 2005


So, in case anyone aside from my mother was trying to get to my archives and noticed about a year missing, they are now on the side bar. That is all.

News on training: well, I've already succeeded in having an old injury flare up. It's actually an injury that will probably never go away, but will hopefully subside enough through certain measures. I'm getting extra exercises in to strengthen the muscles and am going to try to get it massaged out, because that's about the only way to stretch the muscles. bah.

On top of that, humidity is horrible and strangling. That's that.

Fun fun fun. woo hoo.

At least it's a great cause and the people have been super cool!

OH! And, if you'd like to donate online, here's a link to my page. Remember, it's for the kids. :-)

Ok, I'm outie. Perhaps I'll write something that has nothing to do with weather or running soon. But probably not. ;-)