Thursday, September 18, 2003

hmmm, I think I lied. However, I have been dredging through a lot of childhood stories that I have compressed deep within the wells of thought and time. Perhaps I will do some "pre-blogging" in my journal tonight and have a piece for the morning. Or, perhaps I will just smile to myself as I reminisce on planting and harvesting the small garden plot in our back yard with Pa (my grandpa).

Then I'll laugh at the fact that I actually wanted to pocket the green onions straight from the ground and run to the side of the house so my mom couldn't see me eating them. This is also the man who gave me my first sip of beer~ I think it was Pabst Blue Ribbon, gotta love Wisconsin loyalty. God bless him, I hated that bitter sip so much it kept me from the stuff for a long, long time.