Thursday, March 04, 2004

Legally Binding?

Growing up I would make contracts with my dad. I would write them out with conditions and rewards and we would both sign them. For example, we signed contracts stipulating payment methods for grades on report cards: $1 for every A, $.50 for every B, nothing for Cs, -$.50 for every D and -$1 for every F. Granted, the last three grades were never actually applicable, but I had to make it seem fair and insinuate incentive. Going into Junior High (grades 7-9) my dad and I signed a contract that if I got straight A report cards throughout all three years he would get me a car (and people wondered why anything less than an A test grade freaked me out). I got my car. I think we also made contracts about chores and vacations. I even made a contract with my aunt stating something about the two of us going abroad after I turned 18 or something. That, sadly, will forever be a contract unmet.

I returned from lunch today to find this voice mail from my mom:

"Hi honey, I just wanted to call and tell you know what a little twit you are. I was just going through my junk drawer and looking at some of your old school records in it and in there I found all the little contracts you made with your dad for grades and one of them said If I *father's name* am mean to my daughter, Melissa *last name*, I owe her an extra dollar. *laughing* And you both signed it. I love you, I'll talk to you later, buh bye."

Hey-- my momma didn't raise no fool. Maybe I was supposed to be a contractual lawyer, eh?