Friday, March 12, 2004

A) Will's Going Down

B) For the record, it's actually rather nice here in Chicago. Of course, I am indoors and there is sunlight streaming through the windows. My friend did, however, tell me I looked ridiculous all bundled up after picking me up from the airport-- um, come on-- it was 17-freaking-degrees!

C) SJD-- I would love to see you this weekend and am going to try to go to Blackhawk Sunday a.m. Call Yooms to get my #. I tried to email you-- didn't work. Silly other-people's-computers.

D) Ok, this is muy importante. Joss Stone, The Soul Sessions put out by S-Curve Records. She's a (surprisingly white) throw-back to Aretha's soulful tunes of the seventies with a wonderful timeless feel. She even has an Aretha cover, All The King's Horses. She's got more funk than Nora Jones with just as much soul. It's a good mix of get-your-groove-going-funk and chill-yo-self-into-a-puddle-of-vibrato-driven-gelatinous-cool-ballads (ala the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack's Kissing You). This girl proves that soul isn't bound by race-- because, seriously, what is "race" anyway. Or something. yeah.