Thursday, April 08, 2004

Things, ok SONGS, That Make Me Happy As Of Late

  • I Met a Girl~ Wheat

  • Return to Me~ Matthew Ryan

  • Do You Realize~ Flaming Lips

  • Fell In Love With a Boy~ Joss Stone

  • Burning Photographs~ Ryan Adams

  • Silence is Easy~ Starsailor

  • Five Minutes, Superhero, Like a Drug~ pretty much anything by Garrison Starr

  • She Will Be Loved~ Maroon 5

  • I'm Shakin'~ Rooney

  • Friday I'm In Love~ The Cure (this is just an all around "make me feel good" staple)

  • Ugly Girl~ Fleming and John

  • Will Hoge

  • Basically a whole bunch of songs that I can blast in the car with the windows rolled down to let in the warming breezes. I love warmer weather.

    There's a definite difference between summer music and winter music. Winter music is more intimate, moodier, closer: the kind of music you curl up in a chair with while sipping hot cocoa. Summer music is fun and blaring; the kind you can roll with, dance to and just all-around radiate fun. "You Got It Bad" by Usher reminds me of warm weather. "Something's Missing" and "Man on the Side" from John Mayer's live double disc remind me of cold, rainy nights. Tracy Chapman's whole "Let it Rain" album reminds me of some dark winter freezes, physically and emotionally. I love driving to "Romeo on the Radio" from The Normals, perfect warm weather driving song. Wilco's "Heavy Metal Drummer" is a total summer song, as well.**

    It's so amazing how different songs and different types of music emerge in different seasons of the year, and of life in general. In this season, I just want to bop my head and shake a tail feather. I'm ready for flipflops, tank tops and dancin' tunes.

    **As a disclaimer, these songs remind me of these things, a lot of the time, because that's when I first heard them or heard them most.