Friday, February 13, 2004

It's alright, It only hurts when I breathe

I used to think I was a good liar. Then I thought I was a horrible liar. Today I have realized that I am the biggest liar I know well, aside from satan. My adeptness at deception is such that my own lies betrayed me! Perhaps we all do this to some degree-- fool ourselves into believing things are different from what they are. Deception, denial, call it what you want. Me, I've been calling it home.

I suppose I somewhat subscribe to the thought that if you ignore something it will go away. Not so much. Perhaps I have been protecting myself for my own good leading to my ultimate demise! Dramatic? Yes, but it's ok, I'm allowed, it is Friday the 13th after all. Instead of making a mountain out of a molehill (see above for example) I have been making a molehill out of a mountain. It's like the Melissa Ethridge lyrics above-- It's alright, it only hurts when I breathe-- which, by the way, happens to be every single second of every single day. Don't worry, I'm not hurt and things will be fine, I just have to face up to things that I've been avoiding before I run myself into the ground and take more responsibility for my life because they won't go away by ignoring them, they'll only get worse.

(and yes, I might still be talking about that root canal--but hey, after 4 months, I'm kind of getting used to eating on just one side of my mouth)