Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Random Thoughts on Some Music

  • Maybe it's his dragging rock-n-roll style, but every time I listen to Pete Yorn's Come Back Home I swear I can hear him lisping

  • Aside from Disney, only Peter Gabriel could write a song about kissing frogs

  • I miss The Normals, period.

  • Ok, I lied, I have to say more about The Normals. I've been listening to a couple of their discs (again) recently. They are just so freaking talented both musically and lyrically. No, seriously. So to catch newer glimpses of them, check out Andrew Osenga's latest work Souvenirs and Postcards. I promise he didn't pay me (or even ask) for this advertisement, I've just been lately reacquainted with how great this music is.

  • Last night I lay relaxing in a lavender bubble bath while Shawn Colvin's Few Small Repairs drifted in from my bedroom and thought how wonderful it is that she can have such diversity in her musical style. I want to be brooding like "Sunny Came Home" or "Trouble" and then go into a song like "Never Saw Blue" or "Witchita Skyline" with their whimsically enchanting melodies and metaphors.

  • Then I wondered if I should put in Travis to listen to while falling asleep. But I decided to stick with Shawn.

  • I'm pretty bummed I missed the Buddy and Julie Miller show this past weekend with Matthew Ryan opening, but I'll get over it-- eventually

  • If you want to get a lot of hits to your blog, quote some Melissa Etheridge lyrics and be sure to give her credit-- it helps if you mispell her last name. oops-- at least I'm not the only one

  • If you made it this far, goodness, you need something else to do- I'm even bored with this post.