Thursday, February 03, 2005

0.25 Seconds

Yeah, that was the average length of viewing per visitor to PRE last week. Ha. Kind of pathetic. Makes me want to write something heinously long just to see if I can get that time up. However, I suppose if I posted more than once a week then people would have to stay longer just to check out the new stuff. Fair 'nuff.

So, here's a story kids. I was hanging out with a couple of new friends last night and we ended up in a sort of who do you know/ six degrees conversation. Except that since we live in Nashville and the Information Age, it was more like three degrees of separation, if that, across six states, or more. Funny, funny stuff. Then, to show what true nerds we are, we get online and start showing each other pictures of all the people we were talking about. Simply hilarious. Totally geek-a-rific.

I guess this is a more light-hearted post than what I've been throwing up here once a week. I've just had a lot of stuff on my mind and it's not a bad thing. I've had to think about things that I've either been ignoring or never realized. And I've had to be more creative in other senses, so I suppose I've let my little bloggings fall to the wayside. I can't promise I'll write more and I can't promise I'll write less. I'm just here.

Thanks for sticking with me any way.

Much love.