Friday, November 07, 2003

Interactive Stories

After yesterday's comments, I feel the need to expound upon the meaning of "interactive stories." Let's see if I can explain. You know how when someone's telling you a story, you sometimes ask questions to clarify or add to said story? Sure, some people might consider this "interrupting," but we like to call it "interactive storytelling."

My friend, Ashley, and I are particularly good at interactive storytelling (or bad, given your view of interactive storytelling) on our own-- put us together, and you're lucky to ever get through the story. Actually, now that I think of it-- I wonder if conversations between Ash and I ever reach an intended destination.... ; )

We have one dear friend who gets particularly disturbed by interactive storytelling-- so much so we've really ticked her off at times. We don't mean to, we just like to help with the stories! Ok, maybe there's also a more selfish motive of making ourselves laugh, too. Not to mention Ash and I feed off of each other-- a lot-- since we both might as well have Attention Deficit Disorder, which finds tangents delectable! ah well. There's the story on interactive storytelling.