Monday, November 03, 2003

Me and the DMV

After living in Tennessee for over two years I figured it was time to get a TN driver's license. (well, it did take almost a year for me to switch to TN plates). Ah well. Plus, I need it to take my GRE tomorrow.

So, Friday afternoon I hauled my butt down to the DMV and stood in line for a couple hours to get my TNDL. Then I proceeded to lose it Friday night. Not "have it taken away" lost-- just "where the heck did that thing go" lost. I remember taking it out to show a couple of people what I normally look like (given that I was in full pixie get-up: ears, wings and long purply wig). So, either the last person didn't give it back to me, I dropped it or it fell out of my purse in the taxi on the way home (which I think is most probable). However, the taxi drivers won't bring in items left in the cabs over the weekend until Monday night. I looked around the block that I walked Friday night, called the last person I talked to and have had no luck-- the cab co. will call me back if it comes in.

Remember, I have to have the license to take my GRE at 8am tomorrow morning. Doh! Given my luck I would get a replacement and the cab co. would call this afternoon with my license. However, had I not gotten another one, they wouldn't call until tomorrow night or, quite possibly, never. So, I trucked it back to the DMV today and got a new one-- or rather, a duplicate.

Ah the irony-- it took me two years to get a license because I didn't want to wait in line, and now I've been to the DMV twice in the past two business days.