Monday, November 03, 2003


I had a relatively busy weekend. Halloween was good, for the most part-- and those parts which weren't will be duly forgotten.

I actually got to play dress up more than once this weekend! Yesterday I had my "photo shoot" for the CD. Basically, I got "dressed up" (black strapless dress with red sneakers) and a couple of friends and I took three rolls of film in front of a beautiful building with a lot of trees and leaves covering the ground.

I love playing dress up. I actually surprised myself when I realized that I hadn't "tried out" my make up for the photo shoot. Ah well, it worked out anyway. Getting the pictures developed today!!! yay! Perhaps I'll find a way for you to see some. (read: post them with the courtesy of Matt Grace)

Ok, off to do work-- the messiness of my office is killing me.