Monday, November 24, 2003

Miss Me?

Liar. = )

It's been a whirlwind of a week (well, 10 days). I flew back into town this morning and came straight to work-- ok, after a Starbucks detour.

While the change in weather congested my head and lungs, 10 emotion-ridden days of running around with little food or sleep, took its toll on congesting my thoughts. As the week progressed, my mind raced and whirled, processing the bare minimum of extraneous events, focusing on specified tasks. The world around me boiled down to a steeped concentration of the next five minutes. By bedtime Saturday night, my sore feet pulsed and my pulsing heart soared. Surrounded by family and friends, loved ones, new and old, filled me with joy and wonder at the blessings of miracles.

The two families meshed together wonderfully and everyone had a wonderful time. After the crazed week, my mind has finally gotten a tidbit of rest-- enough to know that I am content with today. Enough to know that there is joy and contentment in the world and I have been blessed with a small taste. Enough to look forward to every minute of today until it bleeds into every anticipated second of tomorrow.

Life never ceases to amaze or surprise me.