Thursday, October 23, 2003

For best effect, read with Lissssp

Hello friends,

Melissa was up late last night recording, so I am subbing for her this morning. My name is Cleatus and Lis and I have been friends, since, well, since I can remember. Lis is a great friend, but not my best friend. My best friend is Joe. Joe and I do manly things together like make dips for parties and exchange little-known facts about celery. Joe is a super person and is very thoughtful; he always wonders where I am and never knows when I'll show up.

Enough about Joe, lets talk about Cleatus. Like I said, I am Cleatus. My favorite airline is Midwest Express. My favorite color, and fish, is salmon-- followed closely by a manly shade of chartreuse. I like to wear sweat suits and sneakers because they are cozy. My cocker spaniel's name is Susie. Susie is very special to me. She brings me my slippers and newspapers. As a matter of fact, I should go and read my Washington Post right now.

see ya-- Cleatus.