Thursday, October 30, 2003

No Way Out

(hmmm, seems like I'm feeling trapped today)

There's a window on the wall leading nowhere. The glass reflects two other empty walls. This window can't be opened, it can let in no breeze. It only gives the faintest image of me.

There's a window in this room leading nowhere. I cannot use it for escape. It's sill would never suit a potted plant needing sunny rays and growing space. To look into this window is not to see a scenic view, but to barely see the barren walls across and through. To see reflected in the panes the nail holes where memories should hang. There was a mirror, there was a shelf, there was a picture of a happier self.

There's a window in this room leading nowhere. Dusty outlines mirror in its face. There the shadow of a wreath, there the outline of a scroll, there the frame which held vows to be kept no more.

Behind this window is a wall. I cannot break through to fresh air. I cannot see out nor be free at last. I can only see ghosts of the past.