Friday, October 17, 2003

I'm Fine, Really

Right. Ok, so I'm actually inexplicably exhausted. I think I might have a cold or something, but I'm just trying to deny its existence until I actually have the time to be sick--like sometime in January.

Good news, however, is that I recorded a few of my vocal tracks last night for my cd. Even though I'm a little under the weather (read: might as well have mono because I can't stay awake), recording went well. Thanks to my grogginess, the low notes came much easier and my stubborn insistence to get through the songs despite my cold gave me more confidence than previous attempts.

AND-- I have to give MAJOR PROPS to Andrew Osenga my friend and producer who exudes artistic genius and dedication-- but wouldn't believe it even if you told him, because he's also humble and freaking cool (which would explain how he won the heart of his rockin' wife-and my "ickle" friend-, Alison). [Funny aside, if you go to the photos page on Andy's site and scroll down to the pic of "Andy rockin' at his reception" you can see half of my head in the foreground-- woohoo, there's my 15 seconds of fame!!!] Thanks to Andy and some of our other friends, the instrumental sounds amazing-- even pre-mixing.

Ok, there's my rambling. Going home to the Northerns this weekend. Cousin's bridal shower, time with the fam and getting fitted for my bridesmaids dress. It'll be a quick 52 hours, but I'll try to update you, while immersed in it, on the beauty of Wisconsin Autumn.

Last thing, with recording winding down and photo shoot to be scheduled soon, stay tuned for the emergence of a separate site for my album! Peace y'all.