Monday, October 13, 2003


Ain't that what you want them to know? All they get of you is what they get out of the show. The rest is mine, I guess, the beauty and the mess; to hide~ Nickel Creek

I've posted this lyric before, but it's so great and so true-- not just about a show, but about life-- hello, about blogs. I have a friend who is afraid to write how he feels because someone once complained that his blog was too depressing. Um, hello, maybe they should have said something like: man, your blog's depressing, how are you? really?

The thing is, though, that we (at least, I) get so wrapped up in the freedom to write my deep-seated thoughts that I look back on my posts and go-- hey, sounds like I'm a melodramatic, boy-crazy loser-loner. I would like to address this misconception: I am not a loser-loner. ; )

See, that's just the thing, I spend so much time trying to be deep here, masking my flighty senselessness, my consistent randomness. So, I thought I'd just fill you in on some of my random thoughts lately in a bulleted list, ala Julia.

*I can't find my journal, this is bugging me--because I really, really have no idea where it is, or into whose hands it has fallen. and it's more than my journal-- it has notes and phone numbers and directions... important things!

*I had a dream that I was listening to my cd and my family came in and wanted to change discs because the cd I had on wasn't very good and they didn't even know it was me.

*It cracks me up that Arnold was in a movie called Total Recall (a copy of which is sitting in my mom's basement right now.)

*I think Weird Al should make a parody song called "Pootylicious."

*My 8-year-old nephew hung up on me yesterday when I joked that he may not deserve a birthday present. Now he's definitely not getting one. Ok, he probably will, but it'll be clothes or books or something like that-- the little punk.

*However, I still have to laugh at the memories of my, then 4?-year-old, nephew locking our friend John, who was living with us, out of the house---twice in a row. John said: That's not funny. Colin said: I'm not trying to be funny, I don't like you!
Kids, they say the darnedest things. You'll be happy to know that Colin has finally accepted John as a part of the family (because he basically is).

*Decongestants make me dizzy and dehydrated. Where's my Nalgene?

*Damn, I can't be funny here. I guess my quirky sense of humor really only works in personal interactions-- you know, when I can't so harmoniously mingle verbs and nouns and there is no "backspace."

*Last one--Blogger's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "blog." now that's funny.