Monday, October 27, 2003


Kristin has been caught in what I would consider hell over the past 24 hours. Julia's probably been in it as well, and her last post was about the suicidal thoughts of others. Jason is going through a quarter-life-crisis.

Hence, I think we need some levity. So, here's a little account of the Grace's 3rd Annual Pumpkin Party last night. First we had a decadent display of culinary feats. The Graces made an enormous Harvest Pie, caramel corn, sangria, 2 dips, brie and crackers, a chocolate pumpkin torte thing, yummy, yummy treats.

I never knew there was such a strong pumpkin-carving-cult. SarahGrace even has a carving apron kit thing that her mom made for her with the most amazing tools ever. I brought a knife, an apple corer and a little kit that I bought from Michael's. Yep, we stole the Grace's tools.

Some people made regular old funky, scary jack-o-lanterns. Some people did the fancy patterns from one of those idea books. One couple even had a fake pumpkin. My team? We carved Matt Grace-- complete with curly hair and "I'm Blogging This" t-shirt. heh heh. We love you Matt!!!!

Best comment of the evening by Mike: "Good idea, Graces-- get people drunk on sangria and then let them play with knives!"

SG's response? "Hey, it's what we do."