Thursday, October 23, 2003

Step Inside

This is me in brown and green and yellow and purple. This is me in words and structured sentences. This is me. You may have wondered why I haven't put pictures up. It's not that I'm lazy and don't have the equipment (ok that's part of it), it's not that I fear rejection based on my appearance, because I actually think I'm relatively attractive. There's something else, something more. I don't want you to see me from the outside. This is your invitation to the looking glass.

Come, walk with me to the edge of the pool. Touch the rim and see as the wind changes our reflection from placid to disturbed. Come. Don't look into my hazel eyes, look through them. See me as I see me-- not always perfect, sometimes down right messed up, but still fair, still delicate, still stern, still... still... still me.

Welcome to the looking glass where we can no longer see our reflection and then turn away and forget. This looking glass doesn't just show the present, it shows the past and is a harbinger of the future. Don't get too close, I'd hate for us to fall in. But come. Come.

Welcome to the looking glass.